tennis court marking tape white

How to Stripe Tennis, Pickleball, Basketball and Other Sport Courts

Our court tapes are popular for marking basketball, tennis and pickle ball courts.  Chosen by schools, universities, city athletics departments, churches, HOAs and individuals, our court tapes are easy to install and long lasting.  Available in both white and yellow, the material is foil-based with a long lasting medium tack adhesive.  Court tape is ideal for concrete or asphalt surfaces since the aluminum construction of the tape conforms well to both when installed properly.  Also, as this tape can also be used for temporary traffic marking, it is easy to remove.

Estimated number of 150 foot rolls for  various courts-

  • 3 rolls – Basketball Court – 435 Linear Feet – Half Court
  • 6 rolls – Basketball Court – 870 Linear Feet – Full Court
  • 4 rolls – Tennis Court – 516 Linear Feet – 2”x150’ each
  • 2 rolls – Pickleball Court – 198 Linear Feet – 2”x150’ each


  • Basketball court – measurements for basic court layout including perimeter and free-throw key.
  • Foil based marking tape best used for straight line delineation. Since aluminum based tapes will not bend to create circles or arcs, use 6 inch long sections of the tape to form the arc. (top of the key)

Installation Instructions

Court tape should be installed on surfaces that are clear of dirt, dust, water, grease, oil or anything else which would create a barrier to the adhesive.  Best when applied to a clean, dry surface.  Position court tape into desired layout.  Roll over the tape and press into the surface so that it conforms to the asphalt making 100% contact with a heavy bouncy rubber vehicle tire such a car or a golf cart.  Make multiple passes over the tape in a linear direction without twisting on the new material.  The more passes the better.  Although there is a medium-tack adhesive, the long lasting bond between the tape and surface is created from the foil conforming to the surface texture.   All edges should be secured to surface to avoid air, water or dirt intruding under tape which will cause lifting. Additionally, temperature should be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Best results achieved when there has been no rain or water on surface for 48 hours before or after installation. For temporary areas, court tape can be removed by flashing tape with a weed burning torch which will vaporize adhesive then lift at edges.

Common Causes of Unsuccessful Installations

  • Failure to use a rubber tire on the court tape during installation to conform tape to surface.
  • Failure to make 100% contact with surface such as installing on pavers or bridging over concrete joints / seems.
  • Failure to ensure 100% contact with surface along edges which lift.
  • Presence of water, grease or oil on the application surface which causes the tape to “float” on top rather than conforming to or gripping surface.
  • Presence of dirt or dust which creates a barrier between surface and tape.
  • Twisting tires on surface area such as in parking areas.