basketball court marking tape

Welcome to our Court Marking Tape Online Store.  We carry 150 foot rolls of high quality Foil Based Court Marking Tapes in 2 inch widths for marking Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts, and Basketball Courts.  Our rolls are made from rugged aluminum and are backed with a high quality clean removable adhesive.  The surface of the tape is topped with a long lasting acrylic coating embedded with micro glass beads for a bright vivid line. We carry both white and yellow rolls.

A unique characteristic of our court tape is its ability to conform to any surface, hence creating a superior bond that other tapes cannot achieve.  This means that when properly installed, with sufficient pressure, your court lines will stay in place for a long time.  Aluminum construction and UV resistant coatings resist damage from the sun and heat, which insures that your lines will stay fresh and crisp.

On the left, you will find product links with more information on what we offer and on online checkout system.  We box and ship our orders quickly from Orlando, Florida.  For parking lot or warehouse marking tape click here to go to our Pavement Tape Store.