curved lines court tape

Creating Curved Lines with Aluminum Court Marking Tape

Tennis Courts and Pickleball Courts have straight lines.  So striping them with aluminum based long lasting court tape is not a problem.  In fact, since the tape only wants to go straight, it is easier to stripe straight lines with aluminum based tapes than with other types of striping tape.  However, Basketball Courts have straight lines and curved lines.  So the question is, how do you form a curve with a tape that will only go straight.  The solution is through the use of dashed lines.  In other words, use short pieces of our court marking tape to create your curves and the problem is solved.  The image above shows an example this method.

To apply, simply cut a stack of strips that are the same length.  Create a radius (curve) and mark it with either pencil, or a faint chalk mark.  You can also take strips of masking tape and lay them down until you are satisfied with the layout.  Then replace the masking tape with court tape.  With all applications, make sure the surface is clean and dry, and press the tape in very will until it conforms.

basketball court tape