basketball court marking tape

Basketball Court – Dimensions & Layout for Court Marking / Striping Tape

  • 3 rolls (2″ x 150′) – Basketball Court – 425 Linear Feet – Half Court
  • 6 rolls (2″ x 150′) – Basketball Court – 850 Linear Feet – Full Court

Basketball Courts require approximately 425 linear feet of 2 inch striping for a half court and 850 linear feet for a full court.  A full court of 94 feet long by 50 feet wide.  A half court is 47 x 50 feet.  Feet throw lines are 10 feet away from the goal.  The hoop is 10 feet off the ground for a regulation goal.  The diagram at the top of this page shows all line dimensions and distances.

Basketball Courts are often laid out by themselves (stand alone).  Often they are modified to a smaller scale for home courts, and often they are superimposed over an existing court.  Regardless of the size, all courts need boundary lines and free throw lines at a minimum.  The estimated number of striping rolls at the top of this page is for all the lines on a regulation court.  For smaller or abbreviated courts, fewer rolls are needed.

For a stand alone court on asphalt, white would be used.  For stand alone courts on light colored cement, yellow would also be used to provide contrast.  The important thing is that the lines be clearly visible.  Temporary lines are often used so that they can be taken up when the tennis courts are needed again.  Our pickle ball court tape is rated for both permanent and temporary applications.  For temporary courts, use less pressure when pressing in the tape, and remove it within a few days.  It may leave a slight residue, but this will burn off in the sun over time.

Note – aluminum based court marking tape is good for straight lines but will not pull a curve.  So to create curved lines, cut sections of striping and make curved lines using dashes.  See article on Making Curved Lines with Court Tape